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There are many nutritionists and medical providers today who are touting the nutritional benefits of the nopal cactus and prickly pear fruit.

We at Prickly Pear Products, LLC, import only the highest quality, nutritionally rich Nopal Cactus powder for your optimum health. Our succulent "Nopalitos" (Spanish name for "Prickly Pear Cactus") are the high mountain volcanic soil grown fruit and vegetable variety of the Nopal species Genus - Opuntia ficus indica. The harvest plants, grown in fertile volcanic soils near the region of Milpa Alta, Mexico are grown at high elevations of 7,200 + feet above sea level, and are renowned for their harvest rich, top quality fruits and pads. The products are grown and harvested by a cooperative farming group of dedicated Nopal Cactus growers, who harvest their fields using organic cultivation techniques within a government protected Biosphere.
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Nopal Dehydrated Powder:


Nopal Powder is organically processed with the highest standards to produce the finest fiber-rich Nopal pads in dehydrated form. Many health food stores are beginning to offer Nopal powder in encapsulated pills to help with inflammation, blood sugar metabolism, and cholesterol. Consumers receive a better value by purchasing Nopal powder in a 335 gram mylar bag rather than buying Nopal pills in a bottle.